Goodbehere, Albert: Service no. 775488 (Military Medal)

Digitized Service Record

Source: Notification of post about this soldier on Facebook from Penny Maj. He is a British Home Child.


British Home Child

Military Medal

Goodbehere, Albert: Service no. 775488 (Military Medal). Via Home Children Canada Research Group Circa 1939-1945.

According to this man’s CEF attestation papers when he enlisted with the 126th Overseas Battalion at Brampton on 4 January 1916 he was born at Sheffield, England on 25 September 1896. He was a farmer by trade and did not have military experience, nor was he married.

He assigned his pay of $20.00 per month to his mother mother, Emma (Evans) Dungworth living at Green Hill, Crop Thorne, Sheffield, England.

At 19 years and 4 months old he stood 5”4 3/4” tall and was recorded of having a medium complexion, blue eyes, and fair hair. He had no distinguishing marks and was affiliated with the Wesleyan Church.

The now Private Godbehere was shipped overseas aboard the SS Empress of Britain, arriving at England on 24 August 1916. He was transferred to the 116th Battalion on 15 October 1916 and was then Stuck Off Strength to the 18th Battalion for active combat duty on 29 11 1916.

With this posting he travelled from Bramshott Camp to the Canadian Base Depot at Etaples, arriving on the same day as his posting to the 18th Battalion. He stayed there until he joined his new battalion in the field on 3 December 1916.

With 4-months of service under his belt, Private Godbehere was laid up with an ICT to the right heel and a pyrexia of unknown origin on 5 March 1917 and was sent to No. 5 Canadian Field Ambulance.

Returning to the 18th Battalion on 13 March 1917 he served until he suffered from appendicitis which required he be sent for treatment at a series of hospitals in France and then England from 15 November 1917.

He was awarded the Military Medal on 2 November 1917 according to the London Gazette. No. 30364. Page 11347.

He was treated in England and was assigned to the 2nd Canadian Convalescent Depot on 10 May 1918 at Bramshott. From there he was Taken On Strength with the 4th Reserve Battalion at Witley on 10 May 1918 and a month later was appointed a Lance-Corporal. This lasted until 20 November where he reverted to private and on 12 January 1919, he was put On Command at Witley in preparation for his return to Canada.

On 29 January 1919 he sailed from Liverpool and arrived at No. 2 District Depot, Toronto, Ontario and Taken On Strength the same day with this unit.

He was discharged medically unfit on 3 March 1919 at Toronto, Ontario.

His service records shows he died on 3 January 1959.

Toronto Telegram. January 1940. Via David Archer from 18th Battalion Facebook Page.
Home Children Canada Research Group

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