Westcott, William Nelson: Service no. 750

Digitized Service Record

Source: The Brussels Post. December 3, 1914. Page 1.


Initially appears to have enlisted with the 18th Battalion and served with this battalion for 3 months. He was Stuck Off Strength on January 15, 1915 for misconduct. Attempted enlistment in Toronto under reg. no. 766515 on December 6, 1915 and then with the 241st OS Battalion in Windsor, Ontario on December 20, 1916. He deserted.

The Brussels Post December 3 1914 Page 1.

Nelson Westcott, Percy Rolph, Jas. Klein, and Jas.Spearpoint, volunteers from Seaforth for the 2nd Canadian Contingent, were giving a rousing send-off Monday evening when they returned to London. A procession headed by the Citizens’ Band and made of No. 3 Company Thirty-Third Regiment, the Collegiate Cadets, the Home Guard and autos paraded down Main street which was lined with hundreds of cheering citizens. Short addresses were made by Mayor Ament, Col. Wilson, and others, after which the Mayor presented each of the volunteers wrist watches, the gift of the town and also with useful articles from the Red Cross. They were also given their share of the money collected here for the soldiers and the remainder will be sent to the men now at the front.

Source: The Brussels Post. December 3, 1914. Page 1.

Notes: Nelson Westcott, Percy Rolph, and Joseph Harold Klein survived the war. Private Klein lost an arm. Private Spearpoint was killed in action on August 29, 1918. He is listed to have died serving with the 8th Battalion. This is yet to be confirmed.

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