MacDonald, Allan Daniel: Service no. 654554


Digitized Service Record


Source: August 1918 casualty.


This soldier joined the 161st Battalion on March 2, 1916, at Bayfield, Ontario. He was a fisherman only 19-years old at the time of his enlistment. He had no prior military experience and served with the 161st until February 28, 1918. Having arrived on the S.S. Lapland in England on November 11, 1916, he served with the 161st until he was transferred to the 18th Battalion. Arriving in the field, he was wounded on August 8, 1918, and transferred to No. 48 CCS where he expired from the wounds he sustained to his left thigh.

Son of Donald and Mary Elizabeth MacDonald, of Bayfield, Ontario.

“Died of Wounds.” While taking part in an attack at Marcelcave, he was seriously wounded in the right hip by an enemy machine gun bullet on the morning of August 8th 1918. He died a week later from the effects of his wounds at No. 48 Casualty Clearing Station, whither he was taken after receiving first aid.

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