Bawden, Henry Norman: Lieutenant

Digitized Service Record

Source: Gathering of Heroes

Note: Went by Harry Norman Bawden.


War Diary Example from October 1918 showing Officer with Initials
Henry Norman Bawden
Harry Bawden, 1913-1916 After growing up in Ridgetown Harry joined the Royal Canadian Army in 1916. In his service to his country, he saw combat in two battles that were particularly important to Canadian history, Paschendale and Vimy Ridge. After the First World War and a law career he served on the powerful War Finance Committee from 1941 to 1945. His association with fellow Hall of Excellence members Peter Campbell and Gordon Leitch led to phenomenal business accomplishments with Maple Leaf Mills and Upper Lakes Shipping. He eventually was elected president of Dominion Securities. Source:
orn in 1898, Harry Norman Bawden joined the 18th Canadian Battalion when he was eighteen. He fought and survived the battlefields of France, Germany and Vimy Ridge. After graduating with a Law Degree from Osgoode Hall in Toronto in 1923 he joined Dominion Securities Corporation, one of Canada’s largest investment banks. Schooled in the world of finance, largely during the Great Depression he eventually became the firm’s President and Chief Executive Officer. Throughout his career Harry Bawden held many prominent positions such as: Director of the War Finance Committee and was an active Board member of Molson’s Brewery Ltd, Dominion Foundries & Steel (2nd largest and most profitable steel company), Toronto Western Hospital, Maple Leaf Milling (large food conglomerate), and others. He maintained an active interest in the corporate and political affairs of the nation until he died in 1976. Source:
HN Bawden Lawyer image from Law Society of Upper Canada
Law Society of Upper Canada
Ottawa Citizen Announcment
Officers Attestation Paper

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