McHoul, Robert Paterson: Service no. 53871

Digitized Service Record

Source: Blog comment from family member.


Summary of Service for Private Robert McHoul, reg. no. 53871

April 17, 1890BornGlasgow, Scotland
October 28, 1914EnlistsEnlists with the 18th Battalion at Galt, Ontario. He listed his father, William McHoul residing on Norfolk Avenue, as his next-of-kin. He was a 24-year old machinist standing 5’5.5” tall.[i]
November 11, 1914InoculatedAnti-Typhoid
November 22, 1914InoculatedAnti-Typhoid
December 15, 1914Vaccinated 
April 1915Assigns PayAssigns $20.00 per month to his father, William McHoul.
 Leaves Halifax 
April 29, 1915Arrives AvonmouthArrives Avonmouth and proceeds with Battalion by train to West Sandling, Kent.
July 3, 1915Forfeits PayForfeits one-day’s pay for being absent without leave.
July 9, 1915Internal Battalion TransferTransferred from his Company to the Base (Command) Company.
July 20, 1915Internal Battalion TransferTransferred from Base Company to “D” Company.
September 14, 1915Embarks for the ContinentEmbarks for the Continent with the 18th Battalion.
June 9, 1916AdmittedAdmitted to No. 6 Canadian Field Ambulance re. shell shock.
June 14, 1916TransferredAdmitted to No. 4 Canadian Field Ambulance. Condition indicated now as myalgia.
June 29, 1916TransferredAdmitted to No. 2 Divisional Canadian Rest Station. Notation re. vesicular dermatitis, acute and
June 30, 1916Discharged to Duty 
December 30, 1916LeaveGranted 10 days leave.
November 6, 1917LeaveGranted 10 days leave to Bordeaux.
October 1, 1917Adjusts Assigned PayAdjusts assigned pay to his father from $20.00 per month to $15.00.
June 14, 1918AdmittedAdmitted to No. 5 Canadian Field Ambulance re. scabies.
June 16, 1918TransferredTransferred to No. ? Casualty Clearing Station.
June 18, 1918TransferredTransferred to No. 61 Ambulance Train for transport to No. 10 General Hospital.
June 21, 1918TransferredTransferred to No. 2 Convalescent Depot.
September 21, 1918TransferredTransferred to No. 6 General Hospital re. I.C.T., knee.
September 29, 1918TransferredTransferred to No. 2 Convalescent Depot.
October 25, 1918TransferredTransferred to Canadian Infantry Base Depot, Etaples.
November 6, 1918LeaveGranted 14 days leave to United Kingdom.
November 20, 1918Absent Without LeaveNotation in file indicates that Private McHoul was absent without leave this date having not returned from his leave.
November 21 to December 27, 1918Absent Without Leave 
December 27, 1918Struck of StrengthStruck off strength from the 18th Battalion and declared a deserter.
March 21, 1919Taken on StrengthTaken on Strength from desertion to be with the Western Ontario Regimental Depot at Witley.
May 14, 1919TransferredDetached from Depot Company and now On Command at Detention Barracks, Wandsworth.
June 11, 1919Medical and Dental ExamMedical and dental exam carried out before Private McHoul leaves England for Canada.
June 30, 1919Out of DetentionCeased to be On Command, Detention Barracks, Wandsworth.
July 5, 1919Taken on StrengthTaken on strength “pending R.T.C.” (Return To Corps).
July 17, 1919Remission EarnedLetter in file indicates remission due to the sentence having been expired.
Augusts 8, 1919Struck off StrengthStruck off Strength to Canada.
Augusts 9, 1919Taken on StrengthTaken on Strength at No. 2 District Depot, Military District No. 2, Toronto.
August 19, 1919DischargedDischarged at No. 2 District Depot, Military District No. 2, Toronto.

[i] For more information about his enlistment see the story The Drummer Sergeant, which outlines some of the people that enlisted at Galt the same time as Private McHoul.

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