Memories of the 18th Battalion

Dan Moat, a member of the 18th Battalion Facebook Group, was kind enough contribute a series of documents here-to known as “Memories”. These documents comprise of one-page stories that are related by author(s) unknown and appear to have been submitted and published in 1970. Some of the pages have notations indicating dates but not all the documents have dates nor authorship attribution. There are 17 “Memories” available and these documents were published by the 18th Battalion Association, which was created after the First World War by the surviving members of the 18th Battalion to support the soldiers that served in the Battalion. The Association was very active and held reunions and other events into the 1970s.

18th Battalion Association Memory. Circa October 1970. Via Dan Moat.

The “Memories” have been scanned and are available in PDF format at The following pages are transcriptions of the “Memories” with original research by the blogger that connects the documents with the men and events of the 18th Battalion.

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