Burgess, Charles Dykes: Service no. 405539

CVWM Page: Son of Charles Burgess, of Oldham, England. Husband of Winifred Clara Walker (formerly Burgess), of Toronto, Ontario. Father of George Dale Burgess who died on July 14, 1943 while serving with the Canadian Provost Corps.

Digitized Service Record

Source: September 1916 K.I.A.


Source: CVWM


Pte. Charles Dykes Burgess, 135 Seaton street, a former motorman on the Toronto Street Railway, was wounded on September 15 and afterwards reported missing. He is 28 years old and was born in England. He has been 12 years in Canada. His brother Alan [Allan Bugess, 91715] enlisted in the artillery at Cobourg and another brother, John, enlisted from Australia.

Source: Toronto Star, Nov. 27, 1916

Source: CVWM


Missing since Sept. 15, Pte. Chas. D. Burgess, formally a motorman of the Toronto Street Railway, is now officially reported killed in action. “But I do not believe he is dead,” declared Mrs. Burgess to The Star. “Something [insistently] tells me that he is alive and will come back to me again.” Honors as well as suffering were his. He entered the trenches with a draft in March 1916, and shortly afterwards won his D.C.M. [Distinguished Conduct Medal: note that his service records do not confirm this.] for grimly holding on with one companion against overwhelming odds.he was an Englishman Lancashire born, 28 years of age, and had been in Canada 12 years. He leaves a widow and four little children, the eldest only 5, at [135] Seaton street.

Source: Toronto Star – April 17, 1917

Note: This article is in error. This soldier was not given DCM per research in service file and London Gazette. Toronto Telegram. September 1916. Via David Archer.
“Previously reported wounded and missing, now reported as Killed in Action.”

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