100 Years Past: The “Fighting” 18th Battalion Lives!

18th Battalion Facebook member, Ed Wilson, forwarded these three photographs of re-enactors dressed as 18th Battalion soldiers visiting the Vimy Ridge battlefield. Specifically, the photographs of the soldier standing in the field is located in the approximate location of the 18th Battalion's position before the attack on their objectives at Vimy Ridge on April 9,... Continue Reading →

The Luff Brothers of Chatham

The Luff Brothers[i] of Chatham, Ontario took the approximate 115-kilometer trip to St. Thomas, Ontario to enlist in the 91st Battalion. They joined on the same day on December 6, 1915 and were give sequential regimental numbers. George was the oldest by one year over Harry and had obtained the age of 20 years and... Continue Reading →

Blog Updates for September 2016

This past month a focus on the activities of the 18th Battalion with its involvement in the actions that occurred 100 years ago at the Somme was made. Several posts outlining with more detail the events that affected the 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade offered some insight into the actions of the 18th Battalion on that... Continue Reading →

The Attack and Battle of Vimy Ridge

To my recollection, the first time I learned about Vimy Ridge was when my Mother pointed out to me a page notated by my Uncle William Dewar in Pierre Burton's book Vimy. A notation my Uncle made on a page hi-lighting a mention of the 18th Battalion in regards to Sergeant Ellis Welwood Sifton and... Continue Reading →

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