Nichols, Morden Lyle: Service no. 880050

Digitized Service Record

Source: Via post by Elizabeth Anne at 18th Battalion Facebook Group. Interestingly the Roll of Honour for the 18th Battalion had this soldier listed as “Killed in Action” when, in fact, he survived the war. He was wounded by an enemy shell on August 21, 1917 at Lens and survived his wounds. This shell was responsible for multiple casualties to the Battalion on that day.


Gathering Our Heroes

Underaged. Born December 12, 1900.

Nichols, Morden Lyle, reg. no. 880050. Source: Gathering Our Heroes.

Above are four images. The 18th Battalion Association listed this Private Nichols in their post war document as being “Killed in Action”. He was wounded on August 21, 1917 at Lens when an enemy shell hit his Company while marching back to the rear. The casualties were many and several men were killed outright. The other documents are from his service record recording the date and nature of his wounds.

Source: Chatham Daily News. April 7, 1934. This soldier is named in the article.

Summary of Service for Private Morden Lyle Nichols, reg. 880050.

December 12, 1899BornBorn at Chatham, Kent County, Ontario, Canada to Mrs. May Nichols. Date per his attestation papers.
February 21, 1916EnlistsEnlists at the age of 17-years old with the 186th Overseas Battalion. He identifies as a farmer and stands 5’8.5” tall. He lists his mother as his next-of-kin. He is currently residing at Eberts, Ontario.
April 3, 1916Inoculated 
July 4, 1916VaccinatedAnti-Typhoid
July 13, 1916VaccinatedAnti-Typhoid
July 20, 1916VaccinatedAnti-Typhoid
September 27, 1916Particulars of Family of an Officer or Enlisted Man in C.E.F.Fills out this form. The form indicates that his father, W.J. Nichols, is also a member of the 186th Overseas Battalion and that his mother resides at 460 Queen Street in Chatham.
December 18, 1916Confined to BarracksConfined to barracks per D.O. 246.
February 24, 1917Confined to BarracksConfined to barracks per D.O. 42.
March 21, 1917Overseas 
March 25, 1917EmbarksEmbarks Halifax for duty in England.
April 1, 1917Assigns PayAssigns $15.00 per month to his mother, Mrs. May Nichols.
April 7, 1917DebarksArrives Liverpool.
April 7, 1917TransferredTransferred to the 4th Reserve Battalion at Bramshott.
June 5, 1917Taken On StrengthTaken on strength with the 18th Battalion.
June 6, 1917ArrivesArrives at Etaples, France at the 2nd Canadian Infantry Base Depot.
June 13, 1917ArrivesArrives, in the field, with the 18th Battalion. The War Diary relates that day: “Clothing parades and completion of Bath parades. Lieut. C.H. Biscoe and 42 arrived as reinforcements, many of them old men rejoining.[ii]” The Battalion was at Barlin, France resting and training.
August 21, 1917Wounded“Dangerously Wounded” and transported to No. 23 C.C.S. after a shell landed on a road. This shell killed and wounded many members of the 18th Battalion that day. He lost both legs.



The War Diary relates: “The Battalion left BULLY-GRENAY at9.30 a.m. and proceeded to BOUVIGNY HUTS going in Corps Reserve. On the road “D”coy sustained 52 casualties, 23 of which were fatal, by the bursting of an enemy shell (high velocity). This bringing our casualties to approximately 220 during the tour.


Lieut. W. Hampton and 4 O.Rs admitted to hospital.”

August 27, 1917Status UpdatedRemoved from dangerously wounded category.
September 5, 1917AdmittedTooting Military Hospital
September 25, 1917Status Updated“Much improved. Doing very well.”
February 19, 1918AdmittedAdmitted to the Granville Canadian Special Hospital.
May 13, 1918DischargedDischarged from above.
May 14, 1918AdmittedAdmitted No. 5 Canadian General Hospital, Kirkdale.
May 25, 1918DepartsArrives Canada via the S.S. Araguaya. Leaves via Avonmouth.
June 6, 1918AdmittedMilitary Orthopaedic Hospital, Toronto.
June 7, 1918Case History 
June 17, 1918AdmittedAdmitted The Brant Military Hospital, Burlington.
August 20, 1918AdmittedMilitary Orthopaedic Hospital, Toronto.
October 8, 1918AdmittedWestern Ontario Military Hospital, London.
October 30, 1918AdmittedMilitary Orthopaedic Hospital, Toronto. Recommended to Davisville for fitting of artificial legs.
October 30, 1918Taken On StrengthTaken on strength after being transferred. Transferred to Hospital Section of Military District #1.
December 12, 1918AdmittedWestern Ontario Military Hospital, London.
February 3, 1919AdmittedAdmitted to Davisville Military Hospital, Toronto.
June 18, 1919Elected to be DischargedDischarged on his own request. Proposes to reside at 460 Queen Street, Chatham, Ontario.
December 14, 1921Latest AddressLatest address updated to 460 Queen Street, Chatham, Ontario.
April 27, 1980Passes AwayDies at Westminster Hospital, London, Ontario at the age of 79. Note that the information in this soldier’s file is in error.
Veterans Affairs Death Notification

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