Bishop, Albert Earl: Service no. 189576 (Military Medal)

Digitized Service Records

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Military Medal per. London Gazette. 31173. February 11, 1919.

“Bishop, who was born in Wilkesport in 1899 and lived in the Wallaceburg and Dresden areas, was a veteran of both the First and the Second World War.

He died in London, Ont. at age 73.

Eager to fight the enemy, Bishop lied about his age and enlisted for the First World War in 1915 as a 16-year-old.

Some of his experiences are detailed in memoirs that he wrote after he returned.

His niece, Sonya Gall of the former Raleigh Township, said the memoirs were part of his therapy while Bishop was being treated for shell shock, which is now known as post-traumatic stress disorder, at Westminster Hospital in London.

Gall and her cousin Peggy Marchand of Chatham have been typing the words from the old yellowing and deteriorating pages so they can preserve the story for their family members…He begins with wanting to leave his job in Sarnia to join the war effort, and details part of his experience as a stretcher-bearer while with the 18th Battalion in France.”


Digitized Service Record

Albert Earl Bishop served in both World Wars for the Canadian Army.
Albert Earl Bishop served in both World Wars for the Canadian Army.


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