Bombers of the 18th

A photograph from the Toronto Telegram entitled "OUT OF SOMME BATTLE" shows 6 men who are bombers with the 18th Battalion. The photograph bears a caption and identifies the men by their initials and last name. Taking this source one can get excited that these men can be identified and connected to their service numbers.... Continue Reading →

War Diary of the 18th Battalion: August 1917

ConfidentialWar Diary of 18th CANADIAN BATTALION - 2nd CANADIAN DIVISION FROM 1st August to 31st August 1917 Volume 24 With appendicis 6 - 13 PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationMap reference, 36B Edition 6, 1/40,000.   BOVIGNY 1st. R.19.central.1 18th. Canadian Battalion at BOVIGNY village in billets, the Brigade being in Divisional Reserve.     Owing to heavy rain,... Continue Reading →

War Diary of the 18th Battalion: July 1916

CONFIDENTIAL WAR DIARY OF 18th Canadian Battalion - 2nd Canadian Division From 1st July to 31st July 1916 Volume II With appendices 1 - 4 Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information Front Line 1 Battalion in trenches at BLUFF INTERNATIONAL TRENCH, BEAN and POLLOCK. 2 o.r.s. Wounded, 2o.r.s.sick, admitted to hospital 2 Position... Continue Reading →

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