Tanner, Henry (Harry) James: Service no. 195222 (Military Medal)

Digitized Service Record

Source: Service record of Pte. George Knight, reg. no. 54163.


Military Medal

Friends with Bertrand, Percy: Service no. 195821 (Military Medal). He wrote the letter below shortly after Sergeant Bertrand’s death to his wife detailing the circumstances of the death.

How Pte. Percy Bertrand Met his Death

Mrs. Percy Bertrand 502 [G]eorge street [P]eterboro has received the following letter from Corp. Harry Tanner concerning the death of her husband who was killed on [A]ug 28, 1918.

[A]ug. 31, 1918

Mrs. Percy Bertrand

Dear friend I must tell you some very sad news as [I] expect you have already heard about your husband being killed and [I] certainly feel very sorry for you all as he always was such a good fellow and to me he was the best chum [i] ever had really [i] thought as much of him as my own brother[.] We got into a very hard fight and he was killed not more than ten feet from me. [I] wasn’t near him as both of us were corporals and we had to look after our Platoon but he had one of the boys he knew well with him[.] [Y]our husband told him to give all he belongings to me and to send them to his dear wife and mother[.] He lived for about 15-mintues after he was hit[.] [H]e was shot through both lungs so he did not suffer long and [I] hope and pray that he is better off in that great home beyond where there are no sorrows or trials[.] [I] will send all his photos and his flute military medal ribbons and a few letters which he had in his pockets. [I]n his purse is a dollar bill which he had carried in his pocket ever since he came out. [I] must close now hoping that [G] will be with you all and comfort you in your great sorrow as [H]e has been most merciful to me and [I] never shall forget my chum. [I] remain your sincere friend.

Corp. Harry Tanner. No. 195222. 18th Battalion, France

P.S. if there is anything you would like done to his grave [I] will try and find it if [I] am near that part of the line.

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