Teeter, Roy George: Service no. 880558

Digitized Service Record

Source: Gathering Our Heroes.


Private Roy George Teeter, reg. no. 880558. Source: Gathering Our Heroes.

France, Aug. 31st 1918

To Mr. and Mrs.Dan Teeter,

Dear Mother and Dad –

I suppose you have been worrying because you have not heard from me sooner but I have been through a big “Scrap”. I have much to be thankful for, as I am the only one in our Section to come out alive. I thought my old chum Jack Summers was going to be spared, but after we had gone through the worst he and I took thirteen prisoners at one place and three more at another, he got his. I am sending you some German money in this letter, I hope the Censor lets it go through, I also have some more souvenirs such as gadgets, and ornaments, three revolvers and a dandy watch. I think I will send the watch home when I go on my leave, but suppose that won’t be very soon for it’s hard to get a leave at present.

How is everybody in the old town? I hope you are all well and having a good time. Don’t worry about for I am feeling find and quite capable of taking care of myself. Hoping you receive this letter O.K. and that I have an early reply.

I remain lovingly,


Source: Gathering Our Heroes. This site noes that the likely source of this letter is the Wallaceburg newspaper.

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