Tolton, Charles Alfred: Service no. 54053

Digitized Service Record

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Charles Alfred Tolton

Canadian born. Appointed company driver (June 11, 1915). Served overseas with the Battalion and and returned to Canada where he was discharged medically unfit on July, 2, 1919. He proposed post-war residence was Walkerton.

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Walkerton Telescope, January 20, 1916, p1
Walkerton Telescope. January 20, 1916. Contributed by Jim Kelly.
Walkerton Telescope, June 1, 1916, p4
Walkerton Telescope. June 1, 1916. Contributed by Jim Kelly.
Walkerton Telescope, August 3, 1916, p4
Walkerton Telescope. August 3, 1916. Contributed by Jim Kelly.
Walkerton Telescope, October 19, 1916, p4
Walkerton Telescope. October 19, 1916. Contributed by Jim Kelly.
Walkerton Telescope, July 10, 1919, p1
Walkerton Telescope. July 10, 1919. Contributed by Jim Kelly.
The Wingham Advance Times.June 14, 1934. Page 3.

Summary of Service for Private Charles Alfred Tolton, Reg. No. 54053

Date Event Remarks
July 1, 1883 Born Bruce County, Ontario, Canada
October 31, 1914 Enlisted Enlisted at Walkerton, Ontario. One of the 18th Battalion “Originals” He was a farmer and stood 6’ ½” tall. His weight at enlistment is unknown with the form simply showing a checkmark where the information normally would have been inserted. He had no prior military experience and was single. An interesting note about identifying marks and scars shows he had a “scar of burn on left breast.” It origin or cause is not noted. His religion is listed as a member of the “Disciple” denomination. He is assigned to “C” Company and a notation on another document defines his rank as “Driver”.
December 11, 1914 Inoculated Anti-typhoid.
December 16, 1914 Vaccinated
December 23, 1914 Inoculated Anti-typhoid.
April 18, 1915 Embarks for England Embarks for England at Halifax, Nova Scotia.
April 29, 1915 Arrives England Arrives England at Avonmouth and then by train to West Sandling, Kent where they will train.
September 14, 1915 Disembarks to France The 18th Battalion, after training at West Sandling, Kent, England moves en masse to France and then to Belgium.
April 1915 Assigns Pay Assigns $25.00 per month to J. Tolton of Walkerton Ontario. This amount is modified later to $20.00 per month May 1, 1916.
January 18, 1917 Granted Leave Granted 10 days leave.
February 12, 1917 Strains Back Strains back and is sent to No. 5 Canadian Field Ambulance.
February 13, 1917 Transferred Transferred to No. 9 Canadian Field Ambulance.
February 18, 1917 Discharged to Duty Discharged to duty.
December 22, 1917 Granted Leave Granted 14 days leave to England.
December 27, 1918 Granted Permission to Marry “Granted permission to marry in accordance with Order in Council Canada, P.C. 1872 of 6.7.17.” A record shows he married a Mrs. Edith Tolton who reside at West View, South Lane, Holmfirth, Yorks.
December 29, 1918 Granted Leave Granted 14 days leave to England.
January 21, 1919 Returned from Leave Returned from Leave. The Battalion was on Occupation Duty in Germany currently.
March 19, 1919 Transferred Transferred to Witley Camp, England in expectation of being shipped home and demobilized.
April 22, 1919 Dental Exam Fillings in teeth 18, 23, 28. Extraction tooth 29. Dentures to uppers 7, 8, 9, 10. Received dental treatment in England and France.
May 11, 1919 Attached Attached to C.C.D. Buxton for repatriation to Canada.
May 16, 1919 Medical Exam on Discharge This examination categorizes him as being unfit medically due to injuries sustained from his injury in 1917 due to “heavy lifting”. The examiner notes that Private Tolton was injured and went for treatment and then returned to service with the pain being evident during his service. He is declared medically unfit for general services.
July 4, 1919 Discharged Discharged at the Quebec Depot.


Veterans Death Cards: First World War. Mikan Number: 46114.

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