Flack, Beaumont Sutton: Service no. 53569

Digitized Service Record

Source: Nominal Roll, 18th Battalion, Spring 1915.


Private Slack served in Europe and then returned to Canada. He died the 18th of June, 1922 due to war wounds. He is buried in the Arkona Cemetery, Lambton County, Ontario.

Corporal Flack enlisted with the 18th Battalion CEF and served that battalion until December 1, 1916. He would contract TB during his war service and this appears contributory to his death.

This soldier joined the 18th Battalion at Sarnia, Ontario on November 3, 1914. He was 34-years old and involved in manufacturing. He was an active member of the Canadian Militia serving with the 27th Regiment. He also had 3.5 years of experience with the Woolshire Yeomanry and 1 year with the 1st Surrey Rifles.

Arriving in England in April 1915, he trained at West Sandling until the 18th Embarked on active duty in Belgium on September 15, 1915.

He was transferred to the 3rd Canadian Tunnelling Company on January 12, 1916, and served with that unit until he was sent to England due to illness on May 29, 1918.

He returned to Canada and was a patient at the Byron (London, Ontario) Sanitorium on October 19, 1918. He was still resident there on his death on June 16, 1922.


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