Nowitski, Vladmir (AKA Nowitt, Valdemar Bruno) : Service no. 53268 MBE

Digitized Service Record

Source: Post at C.E.F. Study Group


Links from the post above outlining career:

To be Temporary Lt., 18 June, 1917

Seconded to War Office, 5 September, 1918

Secondment to War Office terminated, 31 May, 1919

To be a Temporary Captain whilst specially employed, 14 November, 1919

M.B.E. for services in North Russia, 3 February, 1920


I thought this may be interesting to some of you. When I research Archangel, I just don’t find this!

My Great-Uncle (Vladimir Nowitski or Novitzky)) emigrated to the US from Russia in 1909. He joined the Canadian Army (CEF) in 1914. After serving in France, he was sent to London to work for the War Office. He created a Military Russian-English dictionary for them. He also was attached to the Russian Government Committee as — “Attached Russian Military Attache”. He was employed as an interpreter at the end of 1918 with the Archangel Force and was left there, after the final withdrawal, as British Liaison Officer, rank of temp. Captain. I have a Western Union Telegram sent from Archangel, Christmas, 1919. The Bolsheviks marched into Archangel on February 20, 1920. He escaped around March 3 and via skis and foot, got to Finland. He arrived back in England (Hull) from Finland on March 20. As of April 1, 1920, he was employed by MI5 for about a year or so. Probably de-briefed?? (Most of these facts are direct from the National Archives at Kew).

Anyhow, I always read how the last officers and men left in 1919. Not true!

Thank you.

Alida Braden


This man would change his name to Valdemar Bruno Nowitt per The London Gazette. Volume 32236. Page 1524. February 22, 1921.

London Gazette 1
London Gazette 2

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