Rispin, Donald Edward Allen: Lieutenant (Distinguished Service Order)

Digitized Service Record

Source: May 1915 War Diary.


Distinguished Service Order

Rispin, Donald Edward Allen: Lieutenant (Distinguished Service Order)
Eighteenth is Sure Safe on French Line London Advertiser September 15 1915 Page 10
London Advertiser. September 15, 1915. Page 10.
Source: Chatham Planet. February 5, 1917. Via Allan Miller 18th Battalion Facebook Group

Major Donald Edward Allan Rispin, D.S.O. Major D. E. A. Rispin died on December 11, 1965, at Victoria Hospital, London, following sur- gery, at the age of 72. He received his primary and secondary education in Chatham, Ontario, and entered R.M.C. in 1911, graduating in 1914. He was commissioned to the 18th Battalion C.E.F. as a Lieutenant in the early fall of 1914 and went overseas with the Second Division that year. He was appointed Staff Captain 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade in December, 1916. He was wounded in 1916, and after his recovery he was transferred to 2nd Division Headquarters. He received his Major- ity and was appointed at D.A.M.Q.M.G. He served as such for the remainder of the War, also in the Army of Occuation. During his service he was thrice mentioned in dispatches. Following his return to Canada he joined his father’s long-established insurance agency, carrying on most successfully until his death.

Royal Military College of Canada – Review Yearbook (Kingston, Ontario Canada) – Class of 1966

Excerpt from IODE Books of Remembrance

Graduate Royal Military College 1914.

Lieutenant Donald E. A. Rispin joined the 18th Battalion in London, Ontario Nov 4, 1914 and proceeded to England with that unit in April 1915 and then to France in Sept. of the same year. He was attached to 1st Can Bde H.Q. from Feb. 5th to Mar. 5th, 1916, attached to H.Q. 2nd Div April 3rd till Nov 1st 1916.

On June 12, 1916, Lieutenant Rispin was promoted to Captain and later appointed acting Staff Captain of the 4th Can Bde on  Nov. 1st. In December of 1916 he was attached to the Corps H. Qrs. He was appointed Staff Captain of the 4th Can Bde in Dec 1916 and later promoted to Major in the same month. On September 17, 1917, He was appointed D.A.A.C. 2nd Div H. Qrs and later appointed D.A.Q.M.C. 2nd Div on August 10, 1918.

Mentioned in dispatches and awarded D.S.O. Jan 1918. Left France May 1919.

Discharged at London May 28th 1919 due to demobilization.

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