Newton, Frederick Gilbert: Captain

Digitized Service Record

Frederick Newton listed in LAC as a Captain and later as a Lieutenant in 18th Battalion War Diaries. Confirmation of soldier in 18th Battalion Nominal Roll (1915).


See entry in War Diary here October 2, 1915: “Lieut. F. G. Newton in a shocking condition as a result of [‘nerves’?] + sent to hospital. Also 53089 Cpl. CASH (H.W.) with chronic [illegible – rheumatism?]”

Married Lilias Thomas Newton in 1921.

Biography for Lilias Thomson Newton with details about Frederick Gilbert Newton.

Source: Windsor, Ontario. November 27, 1914. Via post at 18th Battalion Facebook Group.
Major Sales Funeral Most Impressive One London Advertiser February 16 1916 Page 11
London Advertiser. February 16, 1916. Page 11.

The LAC has this soldier’s middle-name as George.

An Act for the relief of Lilias Torrance Newton.

[Assented to 23rd May, 1933.]

WHEREAS Lilias Torrance Newton, residing at the city
of Montreal, in the province of Quebec, artist, wife
of Frederick Gilbert Newton, broker, who is domiciled in
Canada and residing at the said city of Montreal, has by
her petition alleged that they were married on the first
day of June, A.D. 1921, at the city of Lachine, in the
said province, she then being Lilias Torrance, a spinster;
and whereas by her petition she has prayed that, because
of his adultery since then, their marriage be dissolved;
and whereas the said marriage and adultery have been
proved by evidence adduced and it is expedient that the
prayer of her petition be granted: Therefore His Majesty,
by and with the advice and consent of the Senate and
House of Commons of Canada, enacts as follows: —

1. The said marriage between Lilias Torrance and
Frederick Gilbert Newton, her husband, is hereby dis-
solved, and shall be henceforth null and void to all intents
and purposes whatsoever.

Right to 2. The said Lilias Torrance may at any time hereafter

marry again. [She may] marry any man whom she might lawfully marry if the said
marriage with the said Frederick Gilbert Newton had not
been solemnized.


Source: “Acts of the Parliament of Canada (17th Parliament, 4th Session, Chapter 56-92), 1932, 1933”
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Found reference to father here:


July 13, 1918

From the various centres in the County of Lambton, from many points in the State of Michigan, including Port Huron and Detroit ten thousand Orangemen came today to celebrate. A feature in the music was the Windsor Highland Band. The following were the speakers: Reverend W. H. Graham of Stratford, chairman, address of welcome by Mayor James S. Crawford, Reverend Brother Lowe Lucan, Brother Robert F. Brown, Chicago, Reverend Bro. F. G. Newton, G. F. Clarke, R. A. Brooke, A. H. Rhodes, and Brother R. E. Lesueur.

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