Loghrin, Samuel Monteith: Major


Digitized Service Records

Half brother to Corporal Donald Monteith Jeffery who was killed in action the same date.


The circumstances of Sam Loghrin’s death.


The first German trench was captured at 6:25 a.m. … The fire (artillery) again lifted and the Infantry in waves, advanced, following closely under the curtain of Shrapnel.¹
At 6:34 a.m. the second German trench was captured.  During the advance on the right, towards this trench, the 18th Battalion moving forward steadily, noticed a party of the enemy apparently ready to surrender.  Captain² S. M. Loghrin went forward to accept their surrender, and when doing so, was killed by a bomb³ thrown by one of the enemy party.  This foul act of treachery was observed by the men of his Company, with the result that none of the occupants of the trench were allowed to escape alive.¹
No details have been discovered about Don Jeffrey’s death; however, he died on the same day in the same battle.

¹ Excerpts from The War Diary, “Operations of the 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade at the Somme, Sept. 10th to 17th, 1916”.  The copy of the War Diary was contributed by Michael Jeffrey Loghrin.
² Sam had been an acting Major and was promoted to Major posthumously.
³ In current parlance this would be known as a grenade.

Per:   http://www.loghrin.info/tree/appendices/story8.html

Sam Loghrin and half brother Cpl. Donald Monteith Jeffrey
“The brothers, Sam Loghrin and Don Jeffrey; photo contributed by Ed.Jeffrey. Sam arrived in Europe in August of 1914. This picture is likely to have been taken in Europe sometime after Don enlisted in July of 1915.” Source: http://www.loghrin.info/tree/appendices/ltr7.html
Source: Operation Picture Me via The 18th Battalion Facebook Group. London Advertiser Circa 1916.
Samuel Monteith Loghrin

Source: Operation Picture Me via The 18th Battalion Facebook Group. London Free Press. September 21, 1916.

According to “Duty Nobly Done” (page 211) Loghrin was killed when a German soldier, who had surrendered, took out a concealed grenade and through it, killing Loghrin. Circumstances of Death Register lists him as “Killed in Action.”

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