His Parents Must Have Known…

Percy Scanlan enlisted with the 91st Battalion at Chatham, Ontario on December 6, 1915. He was one of many eager recruits joining the Canadian Expeditionary Force during the second year of the war. Even the news of the Canadian experience at 2nd Ypres and the use of gas by the Germans did not dissuade him... Continue Reading →

The Men of the Menin Gate

Date of First Casualty: January 30, 1916. Privates Emerald Broadwell (reg. no. 53892) and Albert James Reeves (reg. no. 53847). They would both perish under unusual circumstances: "Previously reported missing, now for official purposes presumed to have died. About 9 a.m. on January 30th, 1916, he and a comrade [Private Broadwell] left their trench under... Continue Reading →

Training Mistake Wounds 18th Battalion Soldier

Private James Abercrombie, reg no. 123978 enlisted in Chatham, Ontario at the age of 19 years, 6 months, enlisting with the 70th Overseas Battalion on October 1, 1915. After initial training in Canada he transited the Atlantic via the S.S. Lapland, arriving in England May 5, 1916. Over a month transpired where his whereabouts were... Continue Reading →

November 1917 Casualties

The 18th Battalion was active in the Passchendaele Sector and the number of men in the 18th that have no known grave bears witness to the terrible conditions and ferocity of the fighting in that sector. Rank Surname Forename Date of Death Reg. No. Private ABERCROMBY J 09/11/1917 123978 Private AKINS J 09/11/1917 770008 Private... Continue Reading →

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