Huycke, Wilfrid Field: Lieutenant

Digitized Service Record

Source: Taken on strength July 1916 War Diary.


Source: Flickr
Source: Flickr

Wilfrid E. Huycke, a native of Coburg, joined the firm, and the firm was renamed Hutcheson, Driver and Huycke. Huycke was the son of Judge C.S. Huycke of Cobourg and graduated from Victoria College at the University of Toronto and Osgoode Hall Law School. He served with the Canadian armed forces in World War I, serving overseas with the 18th Canadian Field Artillery. After being demobilized in 1919, Huycke attended Harvard University for a refresher course in law. In 1921, he came to Brockville to join the firm, but stayed only 3 years, moving to Peterborough in 1924 to set up a successful law practice.

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  1. Very excited to see wf Huycke ‘s photo in addition to the history I obtained from archives in ottawa. I have owned his colt 1911 service pistol for many years now and have an increasing amount of provinance to go with it!!!

    1. Kevin,

      Thanks for commenting. Do you have a picture of his personal side arm and would it be unusual for an officer to have a Colt 1911 instead of a British revolver? Any insight you can give would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Sorry this response is so late , I didn’t notice your response till now. It was very rare for a cef soldier to be issued with a 1911 . These issued colts are refered to as “canadian contract ” 1911’s. I believe standard issue was usually the webley mk 5.however I have owned s&w’s and colt revolvers that were issued during that period. I believe in both wars they were scrambling to supply and as a result issued what ever quality arms they could get there hands on. All the revolvers were usually .455 webley calibre while the canadian 1911’s were in .45acp., which is interesting as I know there were british issue 1911’s issued in .455 auto. Glad mine is .45acp, however it may not matter once these beautifull pieces of history will be banned and destroyed by the new government. Hope this info is useful to you. I will try to get a picture of Lt.Huycke ‘s sidearm to you somehow.PS forgot to mention that there were something like 5000 1911’s ordered in that contract .and either Billy Bishop or his fellow officer who became a future business partner to Bishop was also issued out of the same lot.

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