“I shall miss this boy dreadfully…”

Barrington Rucker[i] appears to have had a sense of humour evident in his attestation papers when he enlisted with the Canadian Expeditionary Forces. Arriving from Virginia at Windsor, Ontario, he joined the 18th Battalion on February 15, 1915 and claimed his “Trade or Calling” was an “Orange Picker.” The officers assisting this man to enlist... Continue Reading →

Going Overseas…

A letter[i] written by Private David Aikin reg. no. 880497, of the 186th Overseas Battalion[ii], gives wonderful insight into the process involved for soldiers of the reinforcing battalions of the C.E.F. being transported from Canada to England. The letter shares the travels of a soldier from Canada to England at the start of 1917. The... Continue Reading →

The Raid at Hill 70

4th Canadian Infantry Brigade Order No. 142 outlined the details of a raid on the German lines in detail. The order specifically directs the Battalion in the intention and actions during the raid and was an important preparatory step for the Battalion, and the other Battalions of the Brigade for the attach on Hill 70... Continue Reading →

In the Trenches

Below is an letter pertaining to the 18th Battalion scanned and posted at the Ow.ly profile of LdnOntWWI (On Twitter @LdnOntI). The year of publication of this letter is unknown and is it is unknown if this it is complete. It gives us a glimpse of an experience a soldier of the 18th Battalion had.... Continue Reading →


GAVE HIS LIFE FOR THE FLAG HE LOVED Pte. Herbert Morgan, Beloved Veteran, Dead in France SERVED EMPIRE FOR 22 YEARS Letter from "Pal" Tells of His Death and Funeral Greater love hath no man for his King and country than Pte. Herbert Morgan, of 23 Cartwright street, who game his live on May 1... Continue Reading →

“He did his duty and did it well…”

Clipping from the Calgary Daily Herald May 8, 1916 LIEUT. F. DAWSON DIED LIKE SOLDIER DECLARES HIS O.C. F.J. Lawson Receives Letter Telling How Son Was Fatally Wounded That Lieut. Frank Lawson, of Calgary, who was mentioned a short time ago by The Herald, was killed in action in the St. Eloi fight, made the... Continue Reading →

A Servant Soldier’s Death

Holland, Mark: Service no. 53345 has a page but the research on this soldier has brought some more information as usual so I am posting the results in a post to highlight the life of the common Canadian soldier and how their death's were communicated. Note that the term "servant soldier" was a proper term... Continue Reading →

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