Barnes, John: Service no. 163283


Digitized Service Record

Source: September 1916 K.I.A.


Son of George and Mary Ann Barnes, of Newgate Green, Cley-by-sea, Norfolk, England.

This soldier enlisted in the CEF on July 29, 1915, at Toronto, Ontario with the 84th Battalion. He was a 21-year-old labourer and a member of the Militia.

Arriving in England on October 4, 1915, he was transferred to the 36th Reserve Battalion on the same day. He was transferred to the 18th Battalion on December 19, 1915. He suffered a bout of scabies in March 1916, and returned to the unit on April 7, 1916. He served with the Battalion until June 26, 1916, when he was diagnosed with DAH (Disorderly Action of the Heart) and was treated at a CFA and then a CCS where the diagnosis was changed to trench fever. He was discharged for duty on July 24, 1916, and served with the battalion until his death due to enemy aciton on September 15, 1916, during the Battle of Flers-Courcelette.

“Killed in Action”

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