Goodman, Francis Leslie: Lieutenant (Military Cross)

Digitized Service Record

Source: “Duty Nobly Done” page 303.


Military Cross


Francis Leslie Goodman  (1889-1970)

F. L. (Les) Goodman was born in England and married Daisy Buckland from Guelph, Ontario.  They settled in Osoyoos in 1922.  Mr. Goodman, working with the Department of Agriculture in the Fraser Valley, had bought thirty acres in Osoyoos and planted fruit trees.  For fifteen years the Goodmans farmed without the benefit of electricity.  Power was eventually brought to the valley in 1938, largely due to the Dividend Mine and the persistence of Les.  He also strove, on several occasions, to maintain Haynes Point as a public park site.

When the town of Osoyoos was to be built, Goodman proposed the wide streets with trees planted on either side.  There was opposition from the government for this request.  But Goodman persevered and even planted the trees himself.

Interest in the church, school board, packing house, library, scout troupe, and school sports concerned both Daisy and Les.  The Goodmans played an important role in organizing the Community Club (Hall) and a Magic Minstrel.  They donated the land for the Anglican Church and spent time and energy building it.

User, S. (2016). Osoyoos and District Museum and Archives – The First White Settlers. [online] Available at: [Accessed 1 Jan. 2016].

goodman MC citation via 153rd Wellington www
Military Cross Card

During an attack he went forward with his platoon to reinforce the right flank. Arriving at the objective he took command of the line. He endeavoured to obtain touch with the battalion on his right who had been unable to advance. Failing to get contact he cleared out the enemy’s defences in this sector and formed a defensive flank for a distance of 1,200 yards. Throughout he kept his company commander informed, and showed great courage and ability in handling a difficult situation.

01/01/1919 London Gazette 31119


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