Parker, Arthur Cuthbert: Service no. 675437


Digitized Service Record

Arthur Cuthbert Parker was born Jan. 21, 1895,son of Frederick W. Parker,  in East Zorra Township. A farmer, at the time of his enlistment, on Feb. 1, 1916, he gave his address as RR 5, Em­bro. He died Nov. 10, 1917, at Paschen­dale, Belgium. His name is on a grave marker in North Embro Cemetery.


Arthur Cuthbert Parker Picture
Arthur Cuthbert Parker: Service no. 675437
Private Arthur Cuthbert Parker, reg. no, 675437. Source: Daily Sentinel-Review. December 11, 1917. Page 1.

PTE. ARTHUR PARKER whose parents live in West Zorra, was killed only a few weeks after he went to the front. He went overseas with the 168th battalion. He missed on opportunity of going to France with a draft, being ill with jaundice at the time of the final inspection. He crossed the channel on May 28 last, and since that time had been on leave with trench rheumatism.


“Killed in Action”

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