Rayward, Theodore Oswald Hampton: Service no. 53279 (Military Cross with Bar)

Digitized Service Record

Military Cross with Bar

Source: San Francisco Call. June 6 1919. Page 16. Cpt. T. Rayward.


Theodore H. O. Rayward, now a Captain in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces.

Theodore Hampton Oswald Rayward known by his classmate and friends of the class of [possibly year] Lowell High School… has just received his commission as a Captain in the Canadian Expeditionary Force now In France. Young Rayward who was born In Australia came to this city when quite young and received his education in the public high schools…He left San Francisco to take a position with the Hercules Powder Company in Chicago and at the outbreak of the war he went to Windsor Canada where he enlisted In the Eighteenth [Battalion].

Source:  San Francisco Chronicle, June 30, 1917.

Letter from Rayward to fellow battalion officer Vincent Eastwood.

Letter to Lt. V. Mc. Eastwood from Captain T. Rayward


Dear Vinc,

About your gun & etc. – Yes! England has the gun & a pocketbook of pictures in Brackins kit so will see if I can get him to forward the things on to you – Am not with the battn. at present so it will mean another letter – “but you know {me Alf}.”

Understand the “bat” was in for some rough stuff & had a few casualties – {Tucker} was one of the unlucky ones – My old Coy C-S-M was killed & hell raised generally.

Do you know the more I see of this thing the less I like it – Too much of this “One damn thing after another” stuff.

Too bad your permanent grade had not gone through but you should worry -I hear that C.{J}. Jack has got his three up now – acting only –

Bill Fenton is back after a spell of sickness & leave to the South of France – He had a very wonderful trip.

Did you hear about Fisher getting a special job – Some sort of secret affair – Supposed to have {act.} Capt. {Rank} with a {“gaurd”} a day extra pay & a special kit allowance – Seems to be a pretty good thing. Wish I could have got it. Don’t give a damn about the pay end of it but there must be some excitement in it.

So long “old dear”. Keep your {pecker} up & drop us the occasional line.



Courtesy of Michael Ritchie via Letters From Vincent blog.

Arbuckle Jury Tampered with reports sheriff page 1 The Desert News

Source: The Deseret News. December 1, 1921. Page 1.

Arbuckle Jury Tampered with reports sheriff page 2 The Desert N
Arbuckle Jury Tampered with reports sheriff page 2 The Desert News

Arbuckle Jury Tampered With; Report Sheriff

(By International News Service.)

SAN FRANCISCO. Dec. 1. – Deputy Sheriff McGovern who is in charge of the jury admitted today that he had made a verbal report to Judge Louderback, presiding in the Arbuckle trial in which he charged that detectives of the district attorney’s office had been conducting virtual “espionage” of the Arbuckle jury enroute to and from their hotel and in the hotel dining room. He also charged that these detectives had spoken in a loud voice in the presence of the jury and that at least one of them had spoken to a member of the jury. District Attorney Brady declared he knew nothing at all of the matter. It is not known whether Judge Louderback has taken any cognizance of the report.

Captain Theodore Rayward of the Canadian expeditionary forces testified at the manslaughter trial of Roscoe C. (Fatty) Arbuckle today in refutation of defense testimony by Mrs. Rene Morgan, war nurse, that she was connected with the Canadian forces. Mrs. Morgan testified that she attended Miss Virginia Rappe, whose death was made the basis of the trial. The testimony was a continuation of prosecution rebuttal.

Mrs. Morgan said on the stat that she had been affiliated with the “Fifth Company” in the Canadian hospital service at the front.

Rayward testified that there was no “Fifth Company.”

Mrs. Morgan said also that she served in the battle of the Marne during 1917. Rayward said the battle was in 1918.

Dr. William H. Harrison, a San Francisco physician, testified that reported injuries of the type from which Miss Rappe died, were rarely of a purely internal or spontaneous character. The prosecution charges that Arbuckle caused the injury.

Mrs. Lulu Corp, attendant at the Ventura county hot springs, said to have been visited by Miss Rappe, was recalled to detail the payment plan followed for the plunge at the resort which she testified was used by Miss Rappe.

Source: The Deseret News. December 1, 1921. Page 1.


London Gazette. No. 30780. Page 7935.

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. When the battalion had advanced beyond its objective, and was in danger from our own barrage, he was the means of sending back information and clearing up the situation. On his company being called upon to fill a gap in the front line, he succeeded in bringing them through a heavy barrage with few casualties.

London Gazette. No. 30780. Page 7935.


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