Bowen, Vincent: Service no. 53998 (Military Medal with Bar)


Digitized Service Record

Source: Guelph Public Library

Military Medal with Bar.

Summary of Service for Sergeant Vincent Bowen (Military Medal and Bar). Reg. No. 53998

Date Event Remarks
September 2, 1892 Born Attestation papers indicate “Strouport”, Worcester, England.
1909 Emigrates to Canada Emigrates to Canada with his family. At some point he claims on his attestation papers to have served 4 years with the 30th Rifles and a further 2 years with the Worcester Territorials.
October 26, 1914 Enlists Enlists at Guelph, Ontario. He lists his trade as a carpet weaver and is single. He notes is prior military service in England and lists his next-of-kin as William Bowen. He assigned to “B” Company.


His reference to his service to the “30th Rifles” is actually the 30th Wellington Regiment.

December 11, 1914 Anti-Typhoid Inoculation
December 16, 1914 Vaccinations
December 23, 1914 Anti-Typhoid Inoculation
May 1915 Assigns Pay Assigns pay to his wife, Hilda Bowen, 38 Duke Street, Guelph of $20.00 per month. There is a
July 6, 1916 Signs Will Private Bowen bequeaths his entire estate to his wife, Hilda Bowen of 38 Duke Street, Guelph, Ontario. The will is witnessed by an Arthur Riley[i] and Captain G.H. Emery.[ii]
April 18, 1915 Leaves Canada Sails from Halifax, Nova Scotia aboard the R.M.S. Grampian.
April 29, 1915 Arrives England Arrives with the 18th Battalion at Avonmouth and is based at Shornecliffe for training.
May 6, 1915 Forfeits 1 Day Pay Absent without leave.
September 14, 1915 Leaves for the Front Battalion leaves for the Continent and arrives in Belgium.
June 11, 1916 Granted Leave Granted 8 days leave.
August 8 – 12, 1916 No. 6 Canadian Field Ambulance Pyrexia of Unknown Origin
August 12 – October 5, 1916 No. 2 Divisional Rest Station Pyrexia of Unknown Origin
October 5 – 8, 1916 No. 4 Canadian Field Ambulance S.W.R. Forefinger
April 27, 1917 No. 13 General Hospital, Boulogne, France Develops trench too and assigned to hospital for treatment.
April 28, 1917 Transports to England Transported to England aboard the H.S. St. Andrew.
April 29 to June 19, 1917 Evington Military Hospital Inflammation of the Connective Tissue, Foot
June 19 – August 29, 1917 Ramsgate Inflammation of the Connective Tissue, Foot
August 29 – September 14, 1917 M.G. No. 4, Epsom. Inflammation of the Connective Tissue, Foot. The condition heals after spending 139 days in hospital.
September 14, 1917 Discharged to Canadian Convalescent Hospital, West Cote Park Posted from Western Ontario Regimental Depot and Stuck of Strength to the 4th Reserve Battalion at Bramshott.
November 25, 1917 2nd Canadian Infantry Base Depot, Etaples France Arrives from 4th Canadian Reserve Battalion to 2nd C.I.B.D.
December 2, 1917 Arrives 18th Battalion In the field. Acheville, France.
January 3, 1918 4th Canadian Field Ambulance to 5th Canadian Field Ambulance Ulcer, left foot.
January 9, 1918 Transferred to 12th Canadian Field Ambulance.
January 23, 1918 No. Canadian Casualty Clearing Station and then transferred to No. 1 Canadian General Hospital. I.C.T. foot, slight.
February 22, 1918 No. 6 Convalescent Depot
February 23, 1918 No. 13 Convalescent Depot
March 6, 1918 2nd Canadian Infantry Base Depot, Etaples France Discharged from No. 13 Convalescent Depot
April 1, 1918 Canadian Corps Reinforcement Camp Despatched to C.C.R.C. on way to rejoining Battalion.
April 4, 1918 Rejoined Unit In the field. Rejoins Battalion in Neuville-St.-Vaast Sector. Battalion heavily engaged in patrol work and shelled by Germans.
August 8 and 9, 1918 Promoted In an unusual case Bowen was promoted to Sergeant the day before he was “promoted” to Corporal. The service records show a promotion on August 8 where he was appointed Acting Sergeant with pay as Sgt. W.P. Munnings, reg. no. 767069 was wounded.


Then, on the next day, Bowen is promoted to Corporal as Corporal R. Redhead, reg. no. 53385 is invalided to England.


One explanation is that the Battalion needed an acting Sergeant but in order to promote Bowen they had to promote him to a Corporal so he could then be promoted to an acting sergeant. The dates in the service records reflect two dates when they should reflect that this occurred on one day. The letter dated August 24, 1918 conforming these promotions contained the notification of these promotion in Part II Order, No. 86, 13/9/18.

August 26, 1918 Killed in Action Circumstances of Death records: “Killed in Action” During operations in front of ARRAS, this soldier was hit in the stomach and instantly killed, by an enemy rifle bullet.


The beginning of the Last 100 Days offensive. This day was a very bad day for the Battalion as it records that 30 other ranks where killed in action along with a further 120 o.r.s wounded.

March 13, 1919 Awarded the Military Medal[iii] The London Gazette. Publication date: 21 January 1919. Supplement: 31142. Page 1238.
March 29, 1919 Awarded Bar to Military Medal Per. London Gazette no. 31257
July 27, 1920 War Service Gratuity Issued Received cheque no. G1895813 in the Amount of $100.00 issued to Mrs. Hilda Bowen, widow, residing at 10 Ontario Street, Guelph, Ontario.


[i] Most likely Private Arthur Riley, reg. no. 53962. Usually on this form the soldier includes his regimental number and unit but for some reason Private Riley gives an address in Manchester, from which he was born.

[ii] Note that the will in the service file is a facsimile of the original will, which is not in the file.

[iii] A note on citations. Some early Military Medals came with citations but as the war progressed and the awarding of Military Medals increased this award did not include a citation. The medals that would require citations are the “Victoria Cross (V.C.), the Distinguished Service Order (D.S.O.), the Military Cross (M.C.) and the Distinguished Conduct Medal (D.C.M.).”

The London Gazette Publication date: 21 January 1919 Supplement: 31142 Page:1238. The Bar per London Gazette no. 31257.

"Killed in Action" During operations in front of ARRAS, this soldier was hit in the stomach and instantly killed, by an enemy rifle bullet.

“Killed in Action” During operations in front of ARRAS, this soldier was hit in the stomach and instantly killed, by an enemy rifle bullet.

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8 thoughts on “Bowen, Vincent: Service no. 53998 (Military Medal with Bar)

      • Vincent emigrated from the U.K. and married a woman from Guelph, my home town. A gentleman from Vincent’s hometown in England is seeking information on Vincent as part of his research o the fallen so that they be commemorated on the town’s Cenotaph. I’m trying my best to assist him in Guelph.

      • Bill,

        Wonderful! I will see if I can find anything and feel free to contact me via the Facebook Group, personal message at FB or by email. ebd.edwards at .


  1. Thanks to you both (in your case, Bill, for the umpteenth time!).
    Eric, I’m the chap from Areley Kings, Worcestershire, U.K., (another Eric) to whom Bill is giving unbelievably generous help. Sgt Bowen was a child here but came to Canada with his family in 1909 as a teenager . He appears on the village Roll of Honour of all who served but on none of the memorials to the fallen. I have just discovered his death from someone else’s work (on those who didn’t die) and am trying to catch up on 18 years’ lost work (the time I’ve been researching my written memorial) and also making arrangements for Vincent’s addition to the village Cross of Remembrance. If I can repay either of you, or anyone else who can help, in any way – with any particular information that comes my way – please let me know.
    The truly surprising thing is that this considerable young hero is as yet lacking a photo and, even more surprisingly, any details of his citations – for not one but two Military Medals. Fingers crossed and thanks again.
    Eric Halsall.

    • Hello, again, Eric! It’s been a while since we last connected. Nothing more was forthcoming from the 18th BN CEF. Were you able to locate anything further, including a photo?

  2. Hello, again, Eric! It’s been a while since we last connected. Nothing more was forthcoming from the 18th BN CEF. Were you able to locate anything further, including a photo?

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