A Note About War Diaries

I will make every attempt to render a correct record of the war diaries but there are some limitations.

  1. Not all the pages of the war diary are reproduced such as the cover page and the page listing appendices after the diary title page.
  2. An effort to maintain the same formatting of words will be followed.
  3. The war diaries in typed format are generally easy to replicate but please note that with the sheer mass of material I will be transcribing spelling errors of place names and people are bound to occur. Any errors are accidental and I encourage readers to comment about such errors and I will correct them.
  4. The war diaries in hand-written form are more problematic. In some cases the writing is hard to interpret or illegible but I will make every effort the interpret the entries and indicate in block brackets [ ] the areas where such interpretation is occurring.
  5. An attempt to maintain a consistent format will be important but changes and modifications to such formatting may occur from time to time.
  6. I will endeavour to link to the original source material were possible.
  7. Appendices and other material will be included in the same post were possible. In some cases below the appropriate diary entry but sometimes at the end of the post.
  8. Since I am transcribing someone else’s unedited work the errors in the work will be replicated. An effort will be made to reference current place-name usage for current reference purposes.
  9. My spelling is Canadian English based so favor really is spelled favour.

War Diaries Information

9 thoughts on “A Note About War Diaries

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  1. My grandfather, William Rooney, served as a sergeant in C Coy of the 18th until he was commissioned in March 1917, and transferred to D Coy.

    You have done a marvellous thing with this posting. The 18th was a great unit and I have always been proud that my grandfather served in it. Richard Rooney

    1. Richard, sorry for the delay. You are welcome and if I see any references to you Grandfather I will be sure to note them.

    2. Richard,

      There are a view things that can help me. Do you know his date of birth and place of birth? Did he go by any other names as my initial search for a William Rooney has not found anyone who served in the 18th Battalion but he also may have been transferred into it. Any other particulars you can think of would be most helpful.

  2. Hi there – I have a grandfather who was in the 18th – Corporal, then Sergeant, then Captain Harry Montague Livingstone. Wondering if he is mentioned in the diaries at all? He is also from London Ontario, although originally from Australia!

    I have really enjoyed reading this blog as I have attempted to understand my grandfather’s war service.

    are there any further entries past August 30 1915?

    1. I am working on this. After a hiatus I will be getting more engaged and will look out for your Grandfather being mentioned in the war diaries. I suspect so since he rose to such a rank.

    2. Please note that I found a treasure trove of information about your Grandfather. I will post it and then send you a link. The Archives have his entire service record in PDF format.

  3. One of my family’s ancestors, Alfred George Seagrove, was a sniper in WWI with the 18th Battalion. I’d love to hear if any of the diaries contain information about him. – Betty Moore, Ottawa, Canada

    1. Betty,

      I will definitely do that. Thanks so much for contacting me and I will endevour to create a Soldier’s Page for him this week. If you have any information about your ancestor that would contribute to the blog I would appreciate it.


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