The First to Die

With thanks to Patrick Dennis, Colonel (RET’D), OMM, CD who reached out to me and pointed me in the right direction. His work to inform us about the role of conscription can be best appreciated by his book, “Reluctant Warriors: Canadian Conscripts in the Great War” Without his help and his work my interest and... Continue Reading →

His Character is “Very Good”

There were more than 7,052 men of the C.E.F. and Royal Newfoundland Regiment with the surname SMITH. This is the story of one of them. Percy Smith was a farmer who worked at the Havelock Farm in the Woodstock, Ontario area. He joined 168th Battalion in May 1917 and by September 1917 he was assigned... Continue Reading →

The Mosaic of Life: Bigamy and Fraud in the 18th

Note: Additional information will require amendments to this blog. A member at the 18th Battalion Facebook Group found more information. The Players Private, later Sergeant Alfred Brittles Eliza Brittles, wife of Sergeant Brittles Private Charles Brookman Minnie “Brookman” Clark, wife of Private Brookman and William Clark William Clark, a rigger at a munition plant in... Continue Reading →

Insurance for the Troops

In a previous post regarding 2nd Lieutenant L.C. Vogan the news article referenced "...he Oxford Patriotic Association, for $500 in the Imperial Life." There was a fund called the "Canadian Patriotic Fund" which assisted Canadian soldiers with benefits for those with families. The Oxford Fund was initially independent of the Canadian Patriotic Fund: CANADIAN PATRIOTIC... Continue Reading →

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