Transcription of the 18th Battalion Diary in Process

The PDF file attached to this post is a copy of the 18th Battalion War Diary as one contiguous document. The document is comprised of the monthly diary entries as each one was written and are now combined into one document compiled from all the entries that were transcribed.

There is information in the forward of the document that outlines the intent and explains why it is composed as it is. There is some tweaking to do (as I might add images of the appendices to the document).

War Diary 18th Battalion CEF Transcription Version 1.1

3 thoughts on “Transcription of the 18th Battalion Diary in Process

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  1. I am getting no reply to my offer of photos of my great-uncle, Capt Ed Shuttleworth and the officers of C Company in 1915-16, a transcript of his reminiscences that I recorded in 1969, and few other items related to the 18th Bn. Who controls the website and would that person send me a message about these items?

    Dr. Peter Moogk, CD

    1. With all respect, I have replied to your previous post comments and I have emailed you directly. ebd.edwards at

    2. Attempting to contact you again via my blog. Please contact me at my email address. ebd.edwards at I will email you at your organization’s email address. Thank you.

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