War Diary of the 18th Battalion: September 1915

Note:  the war diaries for this month available online are in two parts. One part is the battalion diary kept by the Paymaster with the rank of Captain. As of the date of this entry his name is unknown as his signature is illegible on the form. The second diary to be posted later is of the Medical Officer, Captain G.C. Hale.


War Diary


18th Canadian Infantry Battalion

From 1st September to 30th September 1915

Volume 1

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
Sandling 1 Company work in Trenches at Toslford.
2 H. M. King George inspected the 2nd Canadian Division at Beachborough Park.
3 Company work at Tolsford Hill.
4 -Do- [SIC: ditto]
5 9 AM, Church Parade in morning – no other parades.
6 Batn Music Parade – Coy’s commence filling in trenches.
7 Filling in trenches. Tolsford Hill.
8 Filling in trenches. Tolsford Hill.
9 -Do-
10 -Do-
11 Company kits were inspected.
12 9:00 AM – Church Parade – no other parades
13 Prepared for our departure.
14 6 pm

7:45 PM

Final preparations made for starting Camp. Left Sandling and marched to Folkestone via Folkestone Rd. Sibgate and Lower Sandgate Road.

Arrived at Folkestone and embarked, three companies on one boat and ‘D’ Coy on another. Left at 9:20 PM followed by ‘D’ Coy at approximately half an hour interval. About 10:55 struck by friendly destroyer. No damage done to us.

15 4.55 am

5 pm

Arrived Boulogne and marched to rest camp.

Marched to B-Station and entrained to St. Omer. Left at 7 pm and arrived St. Omer at 10 pm. Marched to Renescune (and 2 am 16/9/15)

16 12 midday Left Renescune & marched to Eecke, arriving there at 7 pm. Battalion billeted.
17 3 pm Inspected by Major Gen. Alderson who addressed the battalion.
18 Muster Parade of battalion.
19 9 am Church Parade. 2 pm Inspected by H.R.H. Prince Arthur of Connaught.
20 Company inspection of kits & C.
21 9 am Left Eecke and marched to Dranoutre arriving at three pm. Bivouacked for night.
22 Companies placed in billets.
23 Battn called out at night 23/24th 1 am.
24 Back at billets at 5 am.
25 Back at billets at 5 am. Offices in trenches for instruction. Battn called up to Reserve trenches on night 25/26th.
26 In reserve trenches. Returned to billets. ‘B’ & ‘C’ moved to Wood Farm.
27 ‘B’ & ‘C’ Coys when to 1st line trenches.
28 Private Logan reported killed while on listening post.
29 8:30 am Capt. EW Hallam killed whilst examining trench damaged by enemy artillery. Fair amount of shelling in course of day but no serious damage.
30 4 pm L Cpl Frew killed in support trenches.

Unknown soldiers and unit.

Unknown soldiers and unit.

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The Remarks H. M. King George made to the 2nd Canadian Contingent:

Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and Men of the 2nd Canadian Division—six months ago I inspected the 1st Canadian Division before their departure for the front. The heroism they have since shown upon the field of battle has won for them undying fame. You are now leaving to join them, and I am glad to have an opportunity of seeing you to-day, for it has convinced me that the same spirit that animated them inspires you also. The past weeks at Shorncliffe have been for you a period of severe and rigorous training; and your appearance at this inspection testifies to the thoroughness and devotion to duty with which your work has been performed. You are going to meet hardships and dangers, but the steadiness and discipline which have marked your bearing on parade to-day will carry you through all difficulties.

History will never forget the loyalty and readiness with which you rallied to the aid of your Mother Country in the hour of danger. My thoughts will always be with you. May God bless you and bring you victory.

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