Announcement: Re-Release of Ordinary Heroes: Eastern Ontario’s 21st Battalion C.E.F. in the Great War

Having to admit a bias before I write this post…

The work the people have done to preserve this history of the 21st Battalion, CEF, at their web site and Facebook Group is something I covet. The detail, depth, and consistent and unrelenting passion to insure that this part of our heritage is kept alive and available to others is almost unmatched in Canada.

So, this announcement is very exciting!

The wonderful news is that the Group has released a second edition of Ordinary Heroes: Eastern Ontario’s 21st Battalion C.E.F. in the Great War by Stephen J. Nichol. This book is extremely rare and has some exposure at libraries. First edition copies can go for $175.00.

For those that have an interest in the 18th Battalion, this book would be a companion to the recently published, and highly rated, It Can’t Last Forever: The 19th Battalion and the Canadian Corps in the First World War.

Both of these battalions, along with the 18th and 20th made up the 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade of the 2nd Division. They operated together during the entire war and the stories of each battalion are interrelated as they would cooperated in operations, such as trench raids, together.

To purchase copies of this book please contact Al Lloyd at: 21stbattalion [at] Copies are $75.00 plus shipping.

If you are a member of Facebook consider joining their group as it is one of the best curated military history groups I have experienced.


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