Review of Presentation: Before Shell Shock: Failed Minds & Failing Men in the 19th Century British Military

Speaker: Professor Amy Smith-Milne Venue: Guelph Civic Museum This talk by Amy Smith-Milne was an excellent pre-cursor to helping someone understand the perspectives towards the men who suffered from shell shock during World War 1. The work of doctors during the Victorian era would influence the treatment of mental illness during this war. Using the... Continue Reading →

100th Anniversary of Royal Canadian Dental Corp

"Many of them had never seen a dentist before..." Click on link and scroll to 11 minutes and 15 seconds to listen to the story. Click on this link to listen to information regarding the Canadian War Museum's exhibit. More: Canadian Dental Association Page R.C.D.C. History Overview Trench Mouth

The Vixen and the Virgin on CBC Ideas

Listen here... Mati Hari and Edith Cavell where both iconic figures in First World War history. Last night CBC Radio 1 had an interesting documentary about these women and their place in history. Specifically the documentary dealt with the women behind the myth. Strongly recommended...

10 Facts about WWI Trenches

A good overview of trenches in World War 1.

All about historical fiction

In two of my novels, I created scenes set in WWI trenches. To make them as realistic as possible I needed to understand trench layouts and the nomenclature involved. I found a few diagrams on various sites and in one of my non-fiction books.

(1) There are front line trenches and support trenches as well as interconnecting alleyways – called communications trenches.

(2) Artillery is in behind, firing over the heads of their troops.

(3) All trench lines zigzagged in part to prevent explosions from rippling sideways – and hence wounding or killing more soldiers – for more than a short distance.

Trench layout 1

The second diagram (source: Vimy Ridge 1917, Osprey Publishing) sets out the concept of a platoon attack against its objectives.

(4) Troops are deployed in waves. Note the planned 1st Wave and 2nd Wave troop deployment.

(5) riflemen and bombers in front (1st line),

(6) rifle bombers and Lewis gunners in…

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Trench Maps Resources

Maps have always been a fascination for me and with the advent of the centenary of The Great War more interest for a suite of resources will become of value to people interested in researching the war. One of the challenges writing this blog is finding the reference made of place names in the War... Continue Reading →

BBC Online Courses

BBC in conjunction with several universities and instructors is offering (as of today) 4 courses with the following subjects: Trauma and Memory Aviation Comes of Age Paris 1919 - A New World Order? Changing Faces of Heroism

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