2017 History Symposium in London Ontario

Be advised that there is a history symposium being held in London, Ontario on February 25, 2017. The symposium has a movie event on the Friday before the seminars. The event is being held at the Delta London Armories by Marriott.

Cost: $60 for the seminar (lunch not included) and $60 for the dinner.

Web Site


Sarah Glassford – What More is There to Say About Socks? Canadian Women and the First World War

Nina Bozzo – “…[A] very happy family…”: The No. 10 Canadian Stationary Hospital at Home and Overseas

Craig Williams – The Lyrics of Armageddon: A look at the Poetry Born of War

Catherine Elliot Shaw – A Sneak Preview Behind the Lines at McIntosh Gallery

Raymond Hobbs – “Oh God, What Poems We Will Write!” [Robert Graves]: Canadian Poetry and the Shaping of Memory of the First World War

Evan J. Habkirk – First Nations Enlistment in the CEF: Wartime Participation and Post War Realities

Grant Maltman – Sir Frederick Banting, MC: Warrior Scientist?

Andrew Iarocci – Conquering the Ridge: The Battle of Vimy-Arras in History and Memory



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