War Diary of the 18th Battalion: October 1915


War Diary


18th Canadian Battalion 2nd Canadian Division

From 1st October To 31st October 1915

Volume 2

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
  1   Battn in “D” trenches – [Wulverghem]
  2   -Ditto-
  3 6 pm Bn relieved by 19th Bn – “C” Coy remained at R.E. Farm in reserve – Bn Went to [dig Reserve illegible]
  4   Bn [in] Reserve.
  5   -Ditto- “A” Coy relieved “C” Coy at R.E. Farm – 6 pm
  6   -Ditto-
  7   -Ditto-
  8 4.30 pm Left for Vierstraat where we arrived at 4.30 pm relieved Col. [Suley’s] Bgde in trenches. “C” + “D” Coy in trenches; “A” + “B” Reserve.
  9   -Ditto-
  10   -Ditto- Pte Taggart Killed.
  11   -Ditto-
  12   -Ditto-
  13   -Ditto- Pte. Unthank, Nelson T, Nelson W, Mundie W killed.
  14 5.30 pm Moved to Ridgewood relieved by 19th Can Bn
  15   Bgde Reserve at Ridgewood.
  16   -Ditto-
  17   -Ditto- 10 am Church Parade.
  18   -Ditto-
  19   -Ditto-
RIDGEWOOD 20   -Ditto- Pte Ridgelay [Ridgley, Alfred 53386] killed in ‘Poppy Lane’, fatigue party
  21   Bn in Bgde Reserve at Ridgewood.
  22   Relieved 19th at Vierstraat. – “A” , “C” Coys in Trenches, “B” , “D” at Vierstraat.
  23   In Vierstraat + “M” Trenches
  24   -Ditto-
  25   -Ditto-
  26 4 pm Bn Left Vierstraat for La Clytte – Bn. Reserve
  27 10 am Representation of Bn went to Review by H.M. King George, Gen French at Lacne.
  28 9.30 am Bn Muster Parade
  29   Men went to Div R Baths. Capt. Brothers of Bomb School delivered a lecture to offices at 8 pm.
  30   Bn went for route march.
  31   Church parade followed by Communion service.


THE FRONT LINE FROM JUNE 1915 TO JUNE 1917 October 1915, p. 1 October 1915, p. 2 October 1915, p. 3 October 1915, p. 4 October 1915, p. 5

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