The Great War Law Student Memorial Project

LSUClogoThe Law Society of Upper Canada had put together a comprehensive list of the law students who served and gave their lives for Canada. Captain (ret’d) E. Patrick Shea, a partner of Gowlings Lafleur Henderson LLP, proposed this project to the Society and 59 men are listed in this amazing work.

The Memorial Project also has concise summaries of the general history of the First World War and it is recommended. It assisted in filling in more about 1577349_8

Lieutenant William Hartley Willard  and helped find

179765_3 Lieutenant Mathew Maurice Wilson.

You can find the PDF document here.

The names of the 59 fallen soldiers called to the Bar are as follows:

Private Thomas William Edward Allen
Lieutenant William Kay Anderson
Lieutenant William Douglas Bell
Lieutenant Roy Warren Biggar
Captain Gerald Edward Blake
First Lieutenant Harold Staples Brewster
Captain Stanley Howson Brocklebank, MC
Private Walter Everard Alway Brown
Major Jeffrey Harper Bull, DSO
Lieutenant Lawrence Code
Lieutenant Bryce Thomas Davidson
Gunner Grant Douglas
Second Lieutenant Guy Peirce Dunstan
Private George Clemens Ellis
Cadet Alman Minor Froom
Captain Hal Charles Fryer, MC
Second Lieutenant William Miller Geggie
Lieutenant Francis Malloch Gibson
Lieutenant Ambrose Harold Goodman
Second Lieutenant Thomas Gordon
Captain Oswald Wetherald Grant, MC
Second Lieutenant Robert G. Hamilton
Lieutenant William Neil Hanna
Sargeant Henry Stuart Hayes, MM
Lieutenant Bernard Stanley Heath, MC
Major Hugh Ethelred McCarthy Ince
Private William Adam Irving
Lieutenant Ernest R. Kappele
Private Henry Kelleher
Private Thomas Ewart Kelly
Lieutenant Lloyd Butler Kyles
Captain Edward Joseph Kylie
Lieutenant Geoffrey Lynch-Staunton
Lieutenant George L. B. MacKenzie
Second Lieutenant Roderick Ward MacLennan
Lieutenant George Geoffrey May
Lieutenant James Ignatius Joachim McCorkell
Second Lieutenant Ronald Gwynnyd Montague McRae
Captain Grant Davidson Mowat
Lieutenant Harold Gladstone Murray
Captain Hubert Patterson Osborne
Captain Franklin Walter Ott, MC
Lieutenant Henry Errol Beauchamp Platt
Captain Maurice Cameron Roberts, MC
Private William Melrose Roys
Lieutenant Stanley Arthur Rutledge
Private Stanley Smith
Lieutenant Thomas Herbert Sneath
Lieutenant John Herbert Adams Stoneman
Cadet David Alexander Swayze
Captain William K. Swayze
Lieutenant Royland Allin Walter, MC
Lieutenant Charles Herbert White
Lieutenant Maurice Fisken Wilkes
Lieutenant Reginald Prinsep Wilkins
Lieutenant William Hartley Willard
Lieutenant Arthur Patrick Wilson, MC
Lieutenant Matthew Maurice Wilson
Lieutenant Samuel Leslie Young



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