War Diary of the 18th Battalion: November 1915


War Diary


18th Canadian Battalion 2nd Canadian Division

From 1st November To 30th November 1915

Volume 3

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
1 Battn in “D” trenches – [Wulverghem]
2 -Ditto-
3 6 pm Bn relieved by 19th Bn – “C” Coy remained at R.E. Farm in reserve – Bn Went to Div. Reserve Danoutre.
4 -Bn. Divsl. Reserve.
5 -Do- – “A” Coy relieved “C” Company at R.E. Farm – 6 pm.
6 -Do-
7 -Do-
8 4:30 pm Left for Vierstraat where we arrived at 4.30 pm relieved Col. Seeley’s Bgde in trenches. “C” + “D” Coy in trenches; “A” + “B” Reserve.
9 -Do-
10 -Do- Pte. Taggart killed.
11 -Do-
12 -Do-
13 -Do- Pte. UnthankNelson TNelson WMundie W killed.
14 5.:30 pm Moved to Ridgewood relieved by 19th Can Bn.
15 Bgde Reserve at Ridwood.
16 -Do-
17 -Do- 10 am Church parade.
18 -Do-
19 9 am -Do- Pte Ridgelay [Ridgley, Alfred 53386] killed in ‘Poppy Lane’, fatigue party
20 Bn in Bde. Reserve at Ridgewood.
21 5:30 pm Relieved 19th at Vierstraat – “A” , “C” Coys in Trenches, “B” , “D” at Vierstraat.
22 In Vierstraat + “M” Trenches
23 -Do-
24 -Do-
25 -Do-
26 4 pm Bn Left Vierstraat for La Clytte – Divl. Reserve
27 10 am Representation of Bn went to Review by H.M. King George, Gen French at Lacne [unknown place name]
28 9:30 am Bn Muster Parade
29 8:30 am Men went to Div R Baths. Capt. Brothers of Bomb School delivered a lecture to offices at 8 pm.
30 Bn. went for route march.
31 9 am Church parade followed by communion service.


Note that the descriptive quality of this diary is lacking compared to the previous Battalion War Diary and the Medical Officer’s Diary. It may have been indicative that during that time the cost of fighting and dying was weighing on the now blooded soldiers of the 18th.

Note that the Diary has initials after each entry, possibly ESW.

The casualties (not including wounded) during this month in war dead were the following:

Surname Forename Initials Age KIA Rank Country Service No.
PIPER T J 40 04/11/1915 Lance Corporal Belgium 54167
SUMNER IRA WILLIAM I W 22 25/11/1915 Private Belgium 54320
CLARKE FRANK L. H. F L H 29 05/11/1915 Private Belgium 53092
SPOONER J 47 14/11/1915 Lance Sergeant Belgium 53878
KNIGHT GEORGE EBENEZER G E 17/11/1915 Private United Kingdom 53350
PRIESTLEY TRUEMAN T 17/11/1915 Private United Kingdom 53840
McMILLAN W 23/11/1915 Private Belgium 53143
RYDE WILLIAM H. W H 26 23/11/1915 Private Belgium 53278
GOODIER EDWARD E 32 24/11/1915 Private Belgium 53678

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