War Diary of the 18th Battalion: October 1916


18th Canadian Battalion – 2nd Canadian Division
from 1st October to 31st October, 1916

Volume 14

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information


3.15 pm

The night of 1st/2nd 18th Can Battalion relieved 21st Canadian Battn in line in front of Courcellette [sic]. 22nd Canadian Battalion on our left.

Battalion advanced 500 yds and dug new trenches and held position taken. Left front was exposed owing to the Battn on our left being unable to advance but was covered by our Lewis Guns.

2 Battalion still holding positions gained.
3 Battalion moved into reserve at SAUGAGE VALLEY. LIEUT. L.A. BISSELL taken on as reinforcement from 28.9.16. LIEUT. A.E. COCK and 3 wounded, 9 o.r.s. admitted to hospital. 66 o.r.s. arrived as reinforcements.
4 Position as yesterday LIEUT. McBRIDE arrived as reinforcement. MAJOR L.E. JONES and MAJOR J.A. McINTHOSH (on duty) reported wounded. 24 o.r.s. reported “Killed in Action.” 78 o.r. reported wounded. 11 o.r.s. reported missing. LIEUT. BISSELL wounded.
SAUSAGE VALLEY 5 Battalion in reserve. 14 o.r.s. returned from Hospital. Clothing parade. Special leave for men who did good works in the line opened up.
WARLOY 6 Battalion marched to Billets at WARLOY. LIEUT Col. H.L. MILLIGAN and 2 o.r.s. proceeded on leave. MAJOR G.F. MORRISON 19th Can. Bn. assumed command of 18th Battalion.
BONNEVILLE 7 Battalion marched to Billets at LAVICOGNE. 3 o.r.s. returned from hospital. Decorations awarded by General Officer Commanding in Chief list attached.
BONNEVILLE 8 Battalion marched to Billets at BONNEVILLE. LIEUT. M. DUNSFORD arrived as reinforcement. 4 o.r.s. (wounded 15-9-16) returned from hospital. Part II order #40
BONNEVILLE 9 Battalion resting. 5 o.r.s. sick admitted to hospital. MAJOR C.O. FAIRBANK received move order to report to G.O.C. C.T.D. Shorncliffe.
BONNEVILLE 10 Battalion resting. 3 o.r.s. proceeded on special leave. Battalion pay parade. 128 o.r.s. arrived as reinforcements. 1 o.r. returned from hospital.
REMAINSNIL 11 Battalion marched to Billets at REMAINSNIL. LIEUT. W.K. FRASER admitted to hospital.
SIBIVILLE 12 Battalion marched to Billets at SIBIVILLE.
HOUVELIN 13 Battalion marched to Billets at HOUVELIN.
BRUAY 14 Battalion marched to Billets at BRUAY. 2 o.r.s. returned from hospital.
BRUAY 15 Battalion resting. Parade called G.O.C. 2nd Can. Div. to present decorations for bravery in the field. 1 o.r. proceeded on special leave.
BARLIN 16 Battalion marched to Billets in BARLIN. 10 casuals returned from hospital.
HERSIN 17 Battalion marched to HERSIN. TRANSPORT LINES in HERSIN. Battalion moved into Billets at BULLY GRENAY. 38 o.r.s. arrived as reinforcements.
18 Battalion in reserve Billets at BULLY GRENAY. MAJOR J.A. McINTOSH and 1 o.r. proceeded on leave. 2 o.r. casuals returned from hospital.
19 Positions as yesterday, everything very quiet. Nothing unusual 2 o.r.s returned from hospital.
20 Position as yesterday. LIEUTS. V.M. EASTWOOD, J. Mc. WATT, and P.G. MIGHT arrived as reinforcements. LIEUT. H.W. McBRIDE admitted to hospital.
21 Position as yesterday. Nothing unusual.
22 Position as yesterday. LIEUTS. S.C. KIRKLAND, and W.G. WORTH arrived as reinforcements. 92 o.r.s. arrived as reinforcements. 3 o.r. casuals returned from Base hospitals. MAJOR L.E. JONES and LIEUT. W.J. BAXTER returned from hospital.
23 12 noon Battalion relieved 20th Canadian Battalion in Front line. MAROC SECTOR. 1 o.r. admitted to hospital.
FRONT LINE 24 Position as per operation order. Nothing unusual. 3 o.r.s. reported “Died of Wounds”. 1 o.r. admitted to hospital.
25 Position as yesterday. Everything quiet.
26 Position as yesterday. 10 o.r.s. arrived as reinforcements. 2 o.r.s. admitted to hospital.
27 Position as yesterday. 1 o.r. admitted to hospital. 2 reported killed in action 2-10-16.
28 Position as yesterday. 1 o.r. admitted to hospital.
29 Battalion relieved in front line by 20th Canadian Bn. 18th Can. Bn. in reserve at BULLY.
BULLY 30 Battalion in Brigade reserve. Inspection of clothing, equipment and ammunition. N.C.O.s instructional parade under R.S.M.
ditto 31 Battalion in Brigade reserve. Company and platoon drill.


List of decorations awarded to Officers and men of the 18th Battalion by G.O.Commanding in Chief for bravery in the field.






53610 L/Sgt. C.E. Routley
53659 Pte. R.H. Burgess
53947 Pte. J. Nelson

Military Medal

53072 Coy. S.M. J.C. Frith
53164 Corp. G. Thomas
53661 Corp. W.S. Caldwell
53178 Pte. H. Worsfold
53622 Sgt. H. Tripp
53631 Sgt. G.H. Williams
54274 Pte. F.E. Manby
54154 Pte. D. Egan
53166 Pte. W.F. Tope
53986 Pte. F. Hodson
53663 L/Cpl. C. Cook
53280 Pte. R.H. Ribton
141018 Pte. H. Leary

Bar to Military Medal

53504 Pte. R.C. Sheridan

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