Frontline Salute: Red Gables Hospital Part 2

Doing Our Bit

On the Terrace at Red Gables Hospital

I’m continuing my tribute to those battling COVID-19 in our hospitals, nursing homes and as first responders by digging through my archives of First World War hospital photographs.

This is the second of a two-part feature on the Red Gables Private Hospital in Bletchingley, Surrey. In addition to the photos and postcards from Private John Denholm’s scrapbook I’ve included two clippings from the Surrey Mirror. One of them provides a good overview of the facility and a photograph of Dr. Abbott, staff and patients from 1915. The scrapbook includes a real photo postcard of the same image that appeared in the newspaper and so I’ve transcribed the names included in the article to ensure they will be found by internet search engines.

Private John Denholm spent six months at Red Gables however that was only part of a long period of convalescence…

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  1. I can provide a 1916 photo of my great uncle, Capt Edgar Howell Shuttleworth, his reminiscences about his service in 1914-16, as well as a group photo of C Company’s officers at Sandling Camp in 1915. Would you like to have this supplementary material?

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