No. 55 General Hospital Wimereux

This hospital would be familiar to some of the men of the 18th Battalion as some of the wounded of the Battalion were treated here. It was also know as Eastern General Hospital. The wounded of the Battalion would proceed from a Regimental Aid Post then to a Field Ambulance, and then to a Casualty Clearing Station where they would be processed to a series of General Hospitals along the coast of France for further treatment and stabilization. Depending on the severity and type of wound(s) the soldier would then be sent to England for further treatment, or treated at this hospital and then released into the convalescent system for further recovery.

These posts make reference to Wimereux at this blog.

Below are a series of photographs dated 1915 of this facility. Most of the photographs are of buildings and infrastructure and the reverse of each photograph gives no commentary on the context of the image. They do, however, give an idea of the organization and infrastructure required to run just one of the many Hospitals that the Imperial Forces operated on the Continent, England, and other geographies of this conflict.

Note that some sources indicate that this hospital was established in 1917. Uncertain to the nature of the discrepancy.

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