Platoon Photograph Circa Fall 1914

No. 7 Platoon, “B” Company of the 18th Battalion CEF.

No. 7 Platoon, “B” Company of the 18th Battalion CEF. Contributed by an 18th Battalion Facebook Group member.

The photograph[1] is undated but there are some hints to the time on which this photograph was taken. The tunics appear to be of the Canadian Pattern (1903) with 7-buttons down the front and they have the scalloped flaps over the chest pockets. The collar badges are the maple leaf style, though the photograph does not have enough image clarity to allow us to see if the are emblazoned with an “18”.

Another clue is the outbuildings to the right of the men. They have quite a distinctive configuration and many aid in identifying the location.

There is a description on the photograph that states the subject of the image, but other than that it is difficult to surmise with accuracy the exact date when this photograph was taken. One estimate would be Fall 1914 at the Wolseley Barracks at London, Ontario, as the Battalion was being formed.

There is an officer, probably a lieutenant, sitting in the middle of the third row with an older looking sergeant sitting to his left. The officer looks like something is distracting him while is sergeant as a hint of a smile.

The first three rows have excellent clarity and show an array of soldiers posing for the camera with a variety of looks and gazes. Some are relaxed and some are almost stern in an attempt to look martial.

A stern soldier.

The man on the front row far left is cradling a pipe.

Note the pipe in this soldier’s hands.

Another soldier has his cap cocked at a jaunty angle.

Left, uniform cap cocked to one side and lowered towards the bridge of the nose compared to the man on the right.

Regrettably, the image quality of the soldiers of the back two rows is poor, but the overall quality of the photograph is good and transports one back to that moment in time. Confident men all. At least for the photographer.

[1] Contributed by a member of the 18th Battalion Facebook Group.

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