Book Offering: Les Tranchées de Mémoire

One of our active members who not only supports the memory of the men of the 18th Battalion but other Canadian units that fought in the First World War has published a book.

Quentin de Givenchy has painstakingly researched, photographed and recorded a moment in a soldier’s life.

Imagine coming off the line and marching to a camp to reset after a 6-day stint in the trenches. The column halts at a old church and you have time to inscribe your name into the wall of the church or another part of the structure.

Quentin de Givenchy has captured that moment in time and with this book.

Available in hard copy and PDF formats, perhaps it is time to add it to your collection?

Les Tranchées de Mémoire

Quand les murs parlent : Ablain-Saint-Nazaire 1914-1918

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